Winter 2022 Programs

For Winter 2022, all TRIAD programs will be conducted via Zoom. TRIAD programs are on Thursdays, noon - 1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Jan 20 Julie Manning
OSU Board of Trustees and 
Presidential Search Committee Chair
An update on the Oregon State University presidential search
  Zoom info: Zoom link
password: 989785
Feb 10 Robin Tanguay
Dept of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Thinking outside the tank to protect human health
  Zoom info: Zoom link
password: 052021
Mar 10 Tori Howes
OSU Cascades Business Administration Program
Let’s talk about the narcissists at work – don’t worry, they don’t mind and aren’t listening anyway
  Zoom info:  Zoom link
password:  931391

Fall 2021 Programs

For Fall 2021, all TRIAD programs will be conducted via Zoom. TRIAD programs are on Thursdays, noon - 1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Sep 30   TRIAD business meeting
Oct 21 Taal Levi
Dept of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences
Species interactions among carnivores
Nov 18 Jon Boekenstedt
Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
The enrollment landscape at OSU

Spring 2021 Programs

For Spring 2021, all TRIAD programs will be conducted via Zoom. TRIAD programs are on Thursdays, noon - 1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title
Apr 8 Sarah Henkel
Dept of Integrative Biology
PacWave: Responsibly testing wave energy for the future
Apr 22 Sylvia Yamada
Dept of Integrative Biology
European Green crabs in Oregon: Are they now established?
May 6 Monique Udell
Animal and Rangeland Sciences
Characterizing the dog-human bond: A comparative investigation of attachment relationships
May 20 Shanon Anderson
Assoc Vice President for Public Safety and
Chief of Police
Discussion with Chief Anderson
Jun 3 Jason Dorsette
President Corvalls-Albany NAACP
Discussion with Jason Dorsette

Winter 2021 Programs

For Winter 2021, all TRIAD programs will be conducted via Zoom. TRIAD programs are on Thursdays, noon - 1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Title


January 13

Jaycee Kalama, Editor-in-Chief
OSU Daily Barometer
Student media amid the COVID-19 pandemic


February 3

Erica Fleischman
Oregon Climate Change Research Institute
Contributions of climate change to recent extreme wildfires in the western United States
March 4 Joel Zapata
School of History, Philosophy and Religion
Latina/os of the Great Plains and America's future

Fall 2020 Programs

For Fall 2020, all TRIAD programs will be conducted via Zoom. TRIAD programs are on Thursdays, noon - 1:00pm.

Date Speaker Title
October 8 Jaime Herrera
University Housing and Dining Services
Feeding the OSU campus in unprecedented times
November 5 Christopher Stout
School of Public Policy, College of Liberal Arts
History and influence of the Black Lives Matter movement
December 3 Jeffrey Bethel
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Tracking a pandemic: the OSU TRACE project

Spring 2020 Programs

The Spring programs have been canceled due to the COVID-19 situation.   

Winter 2020 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
January 9 MU 211 Christopher Stout
School of Public Policy
Impeachment: A primer
January 16 MU 211 Susanne Brander
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Microplastics in the environment
January 23 LaSells Stewart Center Jason O'Brien
Oregon Master Naturalist Program
Winter celebration - PFLA & TRIAD
January 30 MU 211 Adam Kent
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
What will Oregon's next volcanic eruption look like?
February 6 MU 211 Anne Gillies
Search Advocate Program
Everything you ever wanted to know about the OSU Search Advocate program
February 13 MU 211 Aleksandra Sikora
College of Pharmacy
Developing a vaccine for gonorrhea
February 20 MU 109 Ed Ray
OSU President
Where does OSU stand and where are we going?
February 27 MU 211 Joe Majeski
Facilities Services
Evolution of the Corvallis campus landscape
March 5 MU 211 Mario Magaña Álvarez
4-H Youth Development
Looking into the future for positive change with the eyes of the past

Fall 2019 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
October 3 MU 109 Leigh Torres
Marine Mammal Institute
Slim or chubby: Assessment of Oregon gray whale body condition and health
October 10 MU 211 Brett Burkhardt
School of Public Policy
Private prisons in an era of mass incarceration
October 17 MU 211 Nancy Steingburg
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Sixty years of science: The Newport Hydrographic Line
October 24 MU 211 Saskia Madlener
University Productions
Turn tour science into story: How to use media to spread knowledge
October 31 MU 211 Erin Pettit
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Curiosity, Courage, and Creativity: Teaching at the confluence of science, art, and leadership
November 7 MU 211 Shauna Tominey
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Emotional Intelligence in action: The role of emotions in teaching and learning
November 14 MU 211 Andony Melathopoulos
Department of Horticulture
What is the Oregon Bee Project?
November 21 MU 211 Tara William
College of Liberal Arts & Honors College
Marvels in late medieval literature

Spring 2019 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
April 4 MU 211 Mike Waters
Fitness over 50
Health for the 3rd Age
April 11 MU 211 John Deuel
OSU Campus Recycling
OSU's Trash is Talking: What story is it telling us now?
April 18 MU 211 Jessica Miller
Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Stations
Tsunami Travelers
April 25 MU 211 Nicole Duplaix
Fisheries & Wildlife
Why Otters?
May 2 MU 211 Benita Blessing
School of Language, Culture & Society
Our Vmapires, Ourselves
May 9 MU 211 Alicia Leytem
National Pesticide Information Center
Bed Bugs, Mothballs and Zika: Stories from the National Pesticide Information Center
May 16 MU 211 TRIAD Business meeting  
May 30 MU 211 End of year celebration  

Winter 2019 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
January 10 MU 211 Heidi Henry
Principle, Banner-Nonprofits, LLC
Public Money for Public Good: The Art of Art in Benton County
January 17 MU 211 Elizabeth Sheehan
Assistant Professor, School of Writing, Literature & Film
Fashion and Fiction: Related Forms of Inquiry and Critique
January 24 Gustina Gallery
PFLA/TRIAD Winter Luncheon PFLA/TRIAD Winter Luncheon
January 31 MU 211 Sara Hoyt & Cindy Lehto
Office of the Registrar
Everything you always wanted to know about Academic Scheduling
February 7 MU 211 Jim White
Emeritus Professor, Chemistry
The Belle Epoque. Marie Curie and Others
February 14 MU 109 Ed Ray
President, OSU
Conversation with Ed Ray
February 21 MU 211 James Strother
Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology
Manta rays and their unusual mouth filters
February 28 MU 211 Jessica Miller
Associate Professor, Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Stations
Tsunami Travelers
March 7 MU 211 Benjamin Dalziel
Assistant Professor, Depts of Integrative Biology & Mathematics
Urbanization and climate shape the intensity of influenza epidemics in cities

Spring 2018 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
April 5 MU 211 Michelle Barnhart
Associate Professor & Aimee Huff, Assistant Professor
Gun Violence: Many Paths to Prevention
April 12 MU 211 Matthew T.  Andrews
Executive Associate Dean and Professor, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Mammalian hibernation and its contributions to human medicine
April 19 MU 211 Kristen Finch and Lillian Padgitt-Cobb Inspiration Dissemination
April 26 MU 211 Richard Duncombe
Director, OSU Innovation Hub
Adjacent and Transformational Growth in Existing Organizations
May 3 MU 211 Calene Carillo, Nick Houtman and Nancy Steinberg Science communications conversation
May 10 MU 211 Geoff Barstow
Assistant Professor, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
Religious studies and Asian studies, on vegetarianism and meat eating in Tibet
May 17 MU 109 TRIAD Members What is TRIAD Club? Why be involved with a group grounded on fellowship, service, and cooperation?
May 24 MU 211 Renee McKitterick
Visual Arts, LBCC
Ceramic arts in the mid-Willamette valley
May 31 MU 211 Charlene Alexander
Vice President and Chief Diversity Office
Guiding institutional diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice throughout OSU
June 7 LPSC 402   TRIAD End of Year Celebration & Business Meeting

Winter 2018 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
January 18 MU 109 Tekla Bude, Assistant Professor, School of Writing, Literature & Film Echoes and the past: Where was music in the medieval period?
January 25 Gustina Gallery/LaSells PFLA/TRIAD Winter Luncheon  
February 1 MU 211 Ashlee Chavez, Library Director, Corvallis-Benton County Public Library Future of the Corvallis LIbrary
February 8 MU 211 Jon Dorbolo, Associate Director - TAC, Academic Technology What we are learning about learning spaces
February 15 MU 211 Dawn Marie Alapisco, NAGPRA Coordinator The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
February 22 MU 211 Mark Peters and Ben Lester, OSU Research Office Drone and autonomous machines, OSU research tools? Or the rise of the machines?
March 1 MU 211 Katherine MacTavish, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Science Singlewide: Chasing the American dream in a rural trailer park
March 8 MU 211 The Improve Comedy Club at OSU Preformance by the OSU student improve comedy club

Fall 2017 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
September 28 MU 211 Natalia Fernández, Oregon Multicultural Librarian, OSU Libraries In Their Own Words: The Oregon African American Railroad Porters Oral History Collection
October 5 MU 211 Bryan Tilt, Professor, Anthropology China’s Environmental Challenges in the 21st Century
October 12 MU 211 Monique Udell, Assistant Professor, Animal & Rangeland Sciences Exploring the Human-Dog bond
October 19 MU 211 Annette Mills, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Celebrating 10 years of connecting people and organizations to create a sustainable community
October 26 LPSC 402 Heather Knight, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Charismatic Robots
November 2 MU 211 Douglas Warrick, Associate Professor, Integrative Biology Monsters: The Biology of What Isn’t
November 9 MU 211 Aslan Noakes, Executive Director, Co-Founder, Empower Haiti Together Partnering with and Empowering Haitian Communities
November 16 MU 211 Ed Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President  

Spring 2017 Programs

Date Location Speaker Title
April 6 MU 211 Captain Donald Nisbett, Commanding Officer, Dept of Naval Science Reserve Officers Training Corps at OSU
April 13 MU 211 Abi Losli, Visual Artist Five days at sea: An art and science experience
April 20 MU 211 David Bernell, Political Science Travel bans and border walls: The U.S. response to terrorism
April 27 MU 211 Robert Santelli, College of Liberal Arts Backstage at the Grammys...Music's Biggest Night
May 4 MU 211 Richard Settersten, College of Public Health & Human Sciences Some Things I’ve Learned about Aging by Studying the Life Course
May 11 MU 211 Laurel Kincl, College of Public Health & Human Sciences Fishing industry safety: An engaged research approach
May 18 LPSC 402 Business Meeting Elections, Budget and More!
May 25 MU 211 Rorie Solberg, Political Science Thoughts on this presidential andministration's relationship with the judicial branch
June 1 MU 211 Shelly Signs, OSU 150 Celebrating 150 years at OSU!
June 8 MU 211 Robynn Pease, University Ombuds How well do I know you?

Winter 2017 Programs

January 12, MU 211

Jonathan Katz, School of History, Philosophy and Religion

Muslim Jews — A history of conversion

January 19, LaSells Stewart Center, Giustina Gallery

Winter luncheon with AOP and PFLA

Russell Houghtaling, Athletics

OSU Ideation Team

January 26, MU 211

Jerri Bartholomew, Microbiology

Art and Science of the Aquatic Microbiome

February 2, MU 211

Rebecca Vega-Thurber, Microbiology

Investigations on Coral Reef Health and Decline

February 9, MU 215

Allison Hurst, Sociology

The Student-Debt Crisis: Causes and Consequences

February 16, MU 211

Dan Stone and students, OSU Theater

Scenes from For the Love of Lies

February 23, MU 211

Chris Anderson, University Housing and Dining Services

Eco2Go: ORANGE Take-Out Containers Radically Reducing Waste

March 2, MU 211

William Ripple, College of Forestry

The Future of the World's Iconic Wildlife

March 9, MU 211

Angelicque White, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Hyperbole in the North Pacific Plastic Patch

March 16, MU 211

Leslie Schacht Drey, Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Greek Life at OSU


September 22, MU 211

Paul Hughes, Food Science and Technology

Spirited Activities — Distilled spirits at OSU

September 29, MU 211

Nancy Squires, Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Aerospace Engineering at OSU

October 6, MU 211

Linda Hardison, Botany and Plant Pathology

The Oregon Flora Project

October 13

Bill Lunch, Emeritus Political Science 

The Most Peculiar Election!

October 20, MU 215

Jonathan Armstrong, Fisheries & Wildlife

Using Motion-Activated Cameras to Capture Intimate Portraits of Wildlife

October 27, MU 211

James Hermes, Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Chicken and Eggs: Cage, colony or free range?

November 3, MU 211

John Edwards, School of Psychological Sciences

Contemplative Studies at OSU

November 10, MU 211

Nathan Parker, Animal & Rangeland Sciences

 The Clark Meat Center

November 17, MU 211

Timothy Stover, United Campus Ministry, Westminster House

Walking the Labyrinth:  An Inward Journey

December 1, MU 211

Alexander Michels, Linus Pauling Institute

All There is to C: Vitamin C


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